Si Robertson: A U.S. Army Vietnam Veteran for Over 24 Years


This hilarious video was produced by A&E. A&E is “Real Life. Drama.”

Si Robertson is an American Hero and an ever growing legend! He is a man of passion and delight. Robertson, who is one of the great personalities on the hugely successful A&E show Duck Dynasty, served for over twenty-four years in the United States Army. Robertson’s duty assignments included South Vietnam, Germany, and Ft. Polk, Louisiana. He was a Materials Specialist throughout his career.

According to Wikipedia, Si enlisted in the United States Army after dropping out of Louisiana Tech University and would go on to serve in Vietnam. Many of his stories on the A&E show Duck Dynasty are about his times in the U.S. Army and maybe a tiny bit of exaggeration as well. Robertson retired from the military in 1993. Like his big brother, Si makes it a point to discuss his faith in God and how it helps him get through life.

Our Vietnam Veterans did not receive the welcome home parades and well wishes that you see our service members recieve today. These Vietnam Veterans deserved better. is dedicated to telling their stories so the American people will never forget!

Attribution: This article obtained some information from A&E, the United States Army, and Wikipedia.

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