Master Sergeant Dresses As A Player On Opposing Team & Shocks His Son


This video was produced by the United States Air Force and Spangdahlem Air Base.

Master Sergeant Joseph Martel recently returned home from deployment and wanted to surprise his son!

Wow! What a beautiful moment on the 50-Yard Line of a football field. His son, practically a grown man himself, broke down in tears and understandably so. This has to be one of the best military surprise return home around.

Master Sergeant Joseph Martel served overseas in Afghanistan with the United States Air Force. Thank you for your service Master Sergeant Martel and thanks for letting us share in your very special moment!

U.S. Air Force Master Sgt. Joseph Martell, foreground, the lead production superintendent for the 480th Aircraft Maintenance Unit, surprises his son during his high school football game in Brussels, Belgium, Sept. 21, 2013, after returning from a deployment to Southwest Asia in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. (U.S. Air Force photo by Airman 1st Class Gustavo Castillo/Released)

U.S. Air Force Master Sgt. Joseph Martell, foreground, the lead production superintendent for the 480th Aircraft Maintenance Unit, surprises his son during his high school football game in Brussels, Belgium, Sept. 21, 2013, after returning from a deployment to Southwest Asia in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. (U.S. Air Force photo by Airman 1st Class Gustavo Castillo/Released)

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  1. Sgt Scully says

    I believe that all people who want to vote or run for office should have to serve their country first. These proud men and women have made a conscious effort to put their concern for all of our people ahead of themselves. When is the last time a pollie gave a hoot about anyone but themselves?

    • cur says

      Saying that no politicians care is as silly as saying all of us who have served are perfect upstanding people. Stop being so judgmental. Some people don’t see the military as a prerequisite for being a good person. You do, and I respect that. But I also highly respect people who choose not to be soldiers. Right?

    • Ryan says

      As an American, respectfully, the armed forces are there to protect us and our freedoms. Our military is a voluntary one, it’s not an organization used to strip people of the rights they are born into. I pay my taxes, I obey the law, I get a vote.

      • Rachel says

        And as a soldier, respectfully, I have to say that if we didn’t volunteer, then people like you who enjoy these freedoms we fight for, would be forced to fight. So for one, be thankful, two your comment is a tad bit irrelevant on a video that’s supposed to be about a reunion. I also obey the law, I get a vote. That’s just my opinion, happy holidays and be glad that it wasn’t you that had to go down range.

      • Melissa says

        Ryan Srgt Scully did not say that those who do not serve can’t vote. He just said for those who want to run for office need to serve in the military first. And i agree When you are wiling to fight and possibly die for your Country it gives you a new look and respect.

        This is a beautiful story, a huge THANK YOU to all our service members out there.

        • Damian McIlroy says

          Under the old Roman Republic in order for you to hold public office you had to have served in the Military. Just a historical point. The word ‘republic’ comes from the Latin “res publica” meaning public concern. In a modern republic “all citizens” have the the right to serve.

    • Chico Harris says

      People who want to vote or run for office “…should have to serve…” first is absurd, though it would have been great for keeping Reagan and draft-dodger George W. Bush out of office.
      I was turned down by the military in 1980 because my back was broken the year before and because of that you say I should not be allowed to vote?

    • Military Brat/wife says

      Sgt. Scully,
      I have the upmost respect for those in the military. Both my parents were Air Force, 2 uncles and 1 aunt Marines. 1 uncle, my little brother, and husband are U.S. Army. Do we the families or husbands and wives of those in service do not pay our own kind of service to our country. No, we are not experiencing the stress combat and the tolls it mentally takes, but we also make sacrifices and experience loss. I have earned my right to vote!

    • says

      Sgt. Scully. I believe anyone has the right to vote. Under 2 conditions, they are registered… and they were born here. As far as running for a political office, anything in the higher echelon of our Government, I fully agree.

    • Michael says

      So then you are suggesting America turn into a military dictatorship? Because that is what will result if only military veterans can vote or run for office. There’s a very good reason the President (an elected office) is also the Commander in Chief of all armed forces. It is to ensure the military serves the people of the country – all the people – and not vica-versa.

    • Scott M says

      That’s a pretty ignorant comment. Only military members can vote for what the entire country does?? 0.06% of the population is military and they’d get to speak for everyone. Sounds pretty stupid to me. I applaud you for serving, but not everyone needs to serve. There are ways to “serve” this country without joining the military. Doctors, teachers, engineers, etc. all serve to make this country the best it can be. What makes you think a military member is automatically the best, smartest, most educated person to make all the decisions for the entire country?

  2. Jaime Webster says

    I totally agree with Sgt. Scully!! Thank You All for you service. We are blessed to have the military we have.

  3. Robert Reed says

    Well done MSgt Martell! Thank you for your service and the sacrifice you and your family have made on our behalf. A fine looking young man you have there, you should be proud, I can tell he is.

  4. Erin says

    Kids, even big testosterone filled ones like this, need their parents. I hope we can decrease the numbers of out military who serve over seas so more kids can grow up with their family members at home!

  5. josh says

    very cool and much respect to our military! Would of been cool to see the dad tackle the son during a play to surprise him!

  6. Dan Slentz says

    Beautiful to see. Well reported story. The facts without the “smarmy” (that you frequently get with “net news”).
    Also, this is a good place to remind us all that our government and politicians MUST STOP trying to cut the earned benefits of retired military! No cuts should affect the retired military unless EQUAL cuts are placed on ALL retired politicians (presidents, congress, and senators) which should ALSO include the other benefits. The patriots (retired military) truly EARNED their retirement unlike MANY politicians who served a single, pointless, single four year term and did NOTHING to benefit the U.S. We, as “the people”.. the citizens of the U.S., must stand together and let our voices be heard in Washington!! Enough IS enough!!

  7. A Badtothebone Brewer says

    Thank you for sharing a wonderful moment between father and son, with the rest of us. Thank you for your service in the military, and thank God you are home safe with your family. Peace.

  8. Delcina says

    I was just thinking that we always see small children’s reactions and it is great to be able to see older children surprised. LOVE this…

  9. Sherry Adkins says

    Reunions like these never get old and I always shed a few tears for their happiness. Praying for all our Troops, not only those returning but for those families that won’t have a reunion except for a flag covered casket.

  10. Norman Morris says

    Is someone shouting out “Get off the field! Let’s play football!”? If they are, then that person should be disgraced!

  11. Lydia says

    I love these surprise homecomings. Thank you to all of our brave men and women who give up so much for us. And to their families too. God bless and Merry Christmas.

  12. Derek Torp says

    It’s ridiculous how nothing posted on the internet can go without argument. No matter what the video is about, people need to associate it to something with conflicting views that are partially related to the video.

  13. jimbo says

    I am not pro-military the least bit. But I am all for family values and family unity. Good for father and son. Many dads and sons don;t have such a close relationship.

  14. says

    i was born in kandarhar afhanistan in 1980 left when i was 20 days old never been back and this brought tears to my eyes, no one should miss a loved one for a long period. LUV the USA it’s my home

  15. Feher,F.X. says

    As a member of a family which has had generations of military service in our lives: four Marines, two Air Force and one Coast Guard, I can verify that we are proud to be Americans!! God bless every one of you!

  16. Josie Morey says

    Please tell me I don’t hear a woman yelling in the background, “get em off the field, you don’t play football like that.” Some people are idiots! God bless this man and all our veterans.

  17. Bob says

    I agree with Ryan and disagree with Sgt Scully. There is no reason to give up rights for not serving and it is ridiculous to put all military members up on a pedestal simply for serving. Does anyone really think that military members only sign up for the good of everyone else except themselves? Get real! Good pay, good benefits, and good education, and something better than what they had in civilian life induce more people to serve than patriotism and/or altruism. And just so you know, I am a recently retired USAF CMSgt with 32 years of service so I do know what I am talking about.

  18. ET1 Ebanks says

    For all of those who decided to make the comment that you have “earned” your right to vote, it”s as absurd as someone telling you that you don’t have the right. You don’t earn somehting by being born and then paying taxes, its like being a good parent, it is what you are supposed to do, you dont get credit for doing something you are supposed to do. YES, you DO have the right to vote, but it is our Forefather’s who earned us the right to vote by paying in blood, by standing up a military, then actually fighting in that same military in order to free us from those who would take away our rights. No rights were earned by paying taxes, being a good person, going to work every day, you know, all those “sacrifices.” Our rights were won by men and women long before our time fighting and dying for us. Our generation hasn’t earned a damn thing, we have inherited it. So both sides are wrong, just be thankful for what we have and move on.

  19. Commander L. John Regelbrugge III First LT USS JOHN C STENNIS says

    Welcome Home Master Guns… I have deployed 13 times overseas and have 3 boys and 2 girls… I know the feelings so very well of what you and your Son experienced… What an awesome thing to do! I hope you and your family share a festive Holiday and thank you for “Standing the Watch” for all these years.
    R/ CDR Regelbrugge

  20. Jason Johnson says

    I cant BELIEVE the womans voice at 1:12 in the video “Get em off the field!” “Y’all play football!” ……What a no brained calloused self centered losers some Americans are!…..IMHO!

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